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About us

Addiction Recovery Centre is a local organisation with charitable status looking to become a company limited by guarantee in the near future.

We manage and operate an Addiction Recovery Centre in the town of Kirkintilloch, serving the whole of East Dunbartonshire and part of North Lanarkshire local authority area.

Our Addiction Recovery Centre provides recovery from addiction to alcohol, drugs and gambling not only for the addict but also the family members affected by the effects of addiction.

We provide facilities for learning, training, health, well-being activities and sport pursuits for those in recovery enabling them to become a positive and useful member of their family and community and also to establish or re-establish full time employment, college placements or their own business opportunities.

A stair-lift has been installed to enable anyone with mobility difficulties to easily reach the main meeting rooms on the first floor.

Addiction Recovery Centre

What we do

We have several group recovery projects which deal with the deeper lying spiritual or chemical malady as well as the symptom which empowers the persons with addictions and family members to grow spiritually and emotionally one day at a time for the remaining period of their lives.

Our centre is 98% user involvement and our programme is based on total abstinence as 98% of the people who attend our centre have a desire to live their lives totally free from alcohol, drugs and gambling.

Most of the people coming to our centre have already been to all other agencies, Health Board doctors, Detox centres, Rehabs etc. and most of the people have been through these several times.

We have all "Been There", "Done That", "Got the T-shirt ".

We help new people identify the real problem and then encourage them to move from problem into solution at once - who wants to live in the problem or live with a smaller problem?

Our recovery programme allows a change within the person and for the first time in our lives we can live in the real world and see People, Places and Things as they are [not as we are].

Live a free spirit, not a victim

The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

The Queen's Award
for Voluntary Service
The MBE for volunteer groups
JUNE 2011

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